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First Impressions

My Hero

My Hero

So. You want to hear about my first crush? Not to brag, but I had my attention focused on TWO fellas. Yup. You heard me. Back to back, two guys and me in the middle.

Tsk. Silly. In the middle of the room, watching morning cartoons. Right after Romper Room, Captain Kangaroo, and The Friendly Giant – who was a contender, I will admit. He had such a gentle disposition, and what’s not to love about a man with a tin flute? But to be in love with three? C’mon, even I knew that was a stretch. No pun intended.

First there was Mighty Mouse, and then Hercules. Wait, excuse me, The MIGHTY Hercules.

I suppose IF you forced me to choose (please don’t make me! I don’t think I could bear to part with either of these magnificent creatures!) I would go with the most human-like. I identified with Helena. Sweet, inane, Helena.

I’d lose the centaur, though. Newt annoyed me, annoyed me.

Hercules descends

My Other Hero – Iron in his Thighs

When duty called TMH descended from Mt. Olympus, his tunic a-flutter in the breeze, his mighty “iron in his thighs” bracing for impact so that he could hit the road running. What a guy. I was, oh, I’m not sure, maybe 6 or 7? But even then, I was aware of the strategic placement of loin cloths and limbs.

I can credit both mouse and man for imprinting upon my psyche the urge to “save the day.” However, it is the mouse that I channel whenever I hear the call to action. After all, Mighty Mouse had a better theme song.

Here I come, to save the day…!

I’ve never been much of an athlete. Forget running, or pitching, or any other event that involves strength, co-ordination, and capes. Which  makes it all the more surreal to recall the time that I saved a little girl’s dolly. I was heading down an escalator in a department store. A mom and her daughter were traveling up. The little girl dangled her doll over the banister and sure enough, lost her grip. The doll was on the stairs just below me, heading to the ground floor and (poetic licence alert) certain annihilation.

Girly is in hysterics, mommy is perturbed, dolly trundles inexorably onward.

I turn behind me to holler, “I’ll save her!” and leap into action. In a flash I am at the bottom of the stairs, and snatch the damsel in the nick of time! I bolt upright, scan the floor above, take aim, and Zeus help me, I threw that doll right into the little girls hands.

No need for applause, your smile is all the thanks I need. Carry on.

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  1. M I C K E Y MOUSE, mickeymouse remember the tune – Annette Funicello, Kurt Russell and the gang! Wearing their mickey mouse ears. I had a pair of plastic mouse ears. Did you?


    • Hey, Missy – thanks for commenting and for the memory jog! Sure do remember the “other” mouse. Actually, now that you mention it, I remember feeling conflicted because the afternoon mouse (Annette et al were an after school show in our house) didn’t rescue people or wear a cape or anything. LOL. The only ears were the bunny ears on the TV set.


  2. Great fun! Thanks!


  3. OMG, I LOVED Mighty Mouse and haven’t seen his pic in years! Be still my heart. Have you ever seen Andy Kaufman do his bit about him? Hilarious. Anyhow, are you getting my messages that the Super Hero I am calling you is, “The Iron Maiden?”


  4. Hiya – yes, while I was searching for content to load up with this entry, I came across Andy’s bit and Jim Carrey’s homage. Spent more time giggling over that than I should have,really! Iron Maiden, eh? OK, sure, why not!


  5. Reblogged this on The Zombies Ate My Brains and commented:


    It has come to my attention that I have been blogging exactly 366 days. That is, here on WordPress. There were two other false starts on that “other” blogging platform, but they don’t count. The Zombies are three times charmed, and here I am, one year later.

    So where to from here? I am conflicted, to tell you the truth. Something has changed and I cannot exactly tell you what that is. Writer’s block? mmmm …maybe. It might just be that I’m in the downward swing of a cycle. Soon, I will champ at the bit to blog, blog, blog.

    For now though, I shall turn to the daily prompt for my inspiration. Which may or may not be a wise thing since I understand that WordPress is experiencing “technical difficulties” with daily prompt notifications.  Ah well, Mercury is retrograde after all.
    Even lazier than this however, I shall re-blog a piece of mine from early last year in which I save a little girl from certain catastrophe. Enjoy.

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    • I understand where you are coming from when you say that you may be in a downward swing of a cycle. This is a major reason I decided at the beginning of last year to use the short stories as a prompt and why I am doing a weekly post on “Hamlet” this year. The projects are as much for me as they are for my readers. The short stories kept me on my toes and also kept me entertained. Both short stories and drama I am passionate about. Preparing the posts on “Hamlet” is forcing me to bone up on Shakespeare. I’ve read “Hamlet” once straight through and my reading has taken me to read several books already with more to come. I have seen the Kenneth Branagh, the Olivier and the Mel Gibson’s versions. By the end of the year, I will see a video of every one of the Shakespeare’s plays.

      All this is to say that maybe you need a long term theme for at least one weekly post. One that are passionate about. That way you don’t have the dreads when you sit down to create a post.

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  6. Love Mighty Mouse but I’m more of a Danger Mouse girl, myself.
    I thought you were going to say you threw it right into her face. 😀 Oh, wait. That’s what would happen to me.

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  7. Does your heroism know no bounds? LOL!


  8. Of course my favourite line is this: “But even then, I was aware of the strategic placement of loin cloths and limbs.”


  9. Ahhh my friend, this is where we finally deviate in our childhood. No superheros for this girl …. although I did love The Friendly Giant 🙂

    My hero of heros was … Bugs Bunny, and I wanted to be just like him!!! Come to think of it, I still think he’s super-cool … 🙂
    … then there was Boo-Boo Bear. I can still hear Yogi in my head … heyyyy Boo-Boo!!! Boo-Boo was both cute and smart 😉


    • Bugs Bunny, eh? That makes sense, when I think of it, actually! Have you been to Albuquerque? 😉

      It has been my experience that I much prefer the sidekick, that I can identify with his experience more than the lead character. Boo-Boo, Barney, Ed Norton of the Honeymooners. Their counterparts are more often than not hot-headed buffoons.

      Then again, I can be a hot-head too. I’ll draw the line at calling myself a buffoon, though!


  10. Yogi Bear, The Pink Panther, Top Cat, (What’s up, Officer Dibble?) and Mr. Magoo….. all huge favourites. Now I am Mr. Magoo and cartoons no longer appeal AND I never saved a dolly in distress. You win, hands down.


  11. Oh, my God! “Newt”! I couldn’t stand that squeaky voice! He sounded like a Mickey Mouse wannabe. But I shared your infatuation with that fabulous Mighty Mouse!

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  12. Mighty Maggie! Congrats on your anniversary. A year at WP is a true feat! We loves you ❤ ❤ ❤ (And speaking of retro, Mighty Hercules has been on at 11pm lately and been watching fondly with hubby. Johnny Nash sang the original theme, before he was well known. Hard to forget even after all this time).


  13. Yes Maggie,you have me smiling at your heroism, brava!


  14. I loved Mighty Mouse! Are we gonna have to rumble.


  15. Congratulations, Maggie! You really are a marvel: Only a year? Do you just take your out-the-gate expert status in all new endeavors in your stride? (Hah! I know that, besides your enormous innate intelligence and talent, you are also a hard-working and crafty planner : )

    Hercules was HOT! but so dumb… As for Newt, I kept hoping Herc would land on him.

    Loved this post. Perfectly-constructed, all the way. It’s 5 am here, and a great way to wake up–thanks (again) for the smiles!

    Liked by 1 person

  16. This reminds me of finding my daughter’s diary (accidentally) and reading about her mad crush on “Arnold” (from “Hey Arnold”) where she swore she was in love with him. Hilarious. By the way, guess who IS going back for spring classes this semester- besides you. :0) Yep! Two courses/half time only though. For me, taking only two classes IS a break. I’ll be taking Social Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience. Move over Maggie! Heheh…


  17. I don’t have fond memories of Saturday morning cartoons. For most of my childhood, we did not have an antenna on our roof, so we were unable to pick up the network stations that broadcast from Salt Lake City (we lived nearly two hours and a mountain range north – so antennas were a necessity). Instead, I watched Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, and Electric Company. I did have kind of a crush on Luis from Sesame Street – but he was already taken by Maria. It was heartbreaking.


  18. Awesome. You’ve inspired me to write about my first crush, which led to a quirky preference!


  19. Hercules and that infernal faun with auto-echolalia (a diagnosis I just made up, BTW) were the bottom of the cartoon barrel for me, probably because I didn’t see the show until I was about 14. By then, I was infatuated with Simon Templar, aka The Saint.
    But that song, that infernal song about the iron thighs and soft eyes, is an earworm of the worst sort. I comfort myself that it was sung by an actual legit artist–Johnny Nash. Yes, he of “I Can See Clearly Now.” He must have been hungry, back in the day.


  20. Yay for the friendly giant. I still love that lovely flute song. Who knows how these things come up but the other day I was singing The Mighty Hercules song to my American husband. Apparently even though he has seen every tv programme ever made and can quote most verbatim he somehow never came in contact with The Mighty Hercules. Now we know why things are the way they are down here. Maybe. And hurrah for you. I can totally picture that doll sailing through the air.


    • That’s so ironic, to consider that most of my TV viewing was courtesy American networks transmitting from Buffalo, New York. Which, I assume, was the case for Hercules.

      I’m glad you can relate to my childhood story. And that of my later heroic ventures. 🙂



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