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if wishesI’ve got three wishes from the nice people at Daily Prompt. I can’t use them. They’re yours. No strings attached. If you want to let me know how you use them, that’s great! If not, that’s OK, too.

You see, the moment I set out to choose my wishes, I get stuck, overwhelmed with the possibilities. Not to mention guilt. AND the responsibility to use my wish wisely.  Surely it’s petty to wish that spring was here. (Damn groundhog!) Petty and a waste of a good wish. Winter will be over when it’s ready.

Of course I want to settle on three perfect and ORIGINAL wishes. Something that will make my readers sit up and take note. Wow, she’s good! Not only a generous heart, but a deep thinker, too!  Trust me, the words Maggie and deep thinker do not occur in the same sentence. Ever. Well, except the third last one in this paragraph.

That leaves the old standards – wishes for world peace, no more hunger, love all around. Yeah, doesn’t do it for me, sorry. On a smaller scale, then. How about those in my circle of friends online and off ? Who could use a boost? Well, just about everyone. How do I choose only three?

So. It’s down to something for myself, then.

Could be that my spiritual training has finally kicked in because I don’t want to change anything in the past, and I’m not all that concerned about stuff in the future. Besides, that’s a rather pointless exercise. Sure I made mistakes, tons of mistakes, but each of those was a step along the path to the here and now. I’m good with that. As for future considerations, how can I choose just three of the bazillion opportunities?

What do I need? Really need?

I’d like a job, I think. But do I really need one? Do I? I mean, sure, there’s many more payments due on the mortgage. God knows I could use some social contact of the face-to-face variety.  Or is this just so much sour grapes because no one is hiring?

See what I mean? I’m either suffering a severe lack of imagination. Or an overabundance. Either way, it will be tomorrow’s daily prompt before I can figure this one out, so I offer my wishes to you. First come, first serve.



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