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Kitchen Cupboards – a Nutritional Remodel

Hoosier - always wanted one of theses

Hoosier – always wanted one of theses

The folks at Daily Prompt invited us to write about kitchen magic – tools or ingredients we can’t do without. Lately, in our household, it’s been more about what we MUST do without. The kitchen cupboard is undergoing a remodel, in terms of what is on the shelves.  As a matter of fact, as time goes on, the inventory of pantry items dwindles as the list of food sensitivities and medical conditions grows. On top of that, we have eliminated meat from out diet. Cooking is not the same as it once was.

Reiner needs to avoid salt, he is borderline allergic to garlic and onion powder, and has nasty reactions to coconut. He bid farewell to his gall bladder about a year ago, and at the same time good riddance to fats. Adios spicy cuisine. Bring on the bland!

Over at my seat in the breakfast nook, lately whenever I eat whole wheat, I start to hiccup. Violently. It would be comical if I weren’t google-eyed and foaming at the mouth. OK, that is comical, but not from my side of the alimentary canal. It would seem that I may need to cut out wheat? Gluten? Carbs?

Carbs for sure. I used to quip that my Canada’s Food Guide consisted of Caffeine, Sugar, Chocolate, and Fat. I’m paying the price for that indulgence now that my metabolism has slowed. It’s not so much the extra girth that comes along with such cravings, but the cravings themselves. I MUST have my morning coffee – double cream, please. No sugar, I’m sweet enough. Until mid-morning that is, and out comes the jam or cookies.

You might be familiar with the nursery rhyme “Jack Sprat”.

Jack Sprat could eat no fat.
His wife could eat no lean.
And so between them both, you see,
They licked the platter clean

I am somewhat taller than Mrs. Sprat. I am. Really.

I am somewhat taller than Mrs. Sprat. I am. Really.

That kinda/sorta describes Reiner and me. He’s tall, slim, and has a metabolism of a greyhound. I am well-rounded. Thank goodness I’m tall, otherwise I’d be in serious trouble. Reiner keeps stashes of chocolate and cookies all over the house. You see, I have no will power. OK, scratch that. I’ve got plenty of will power, I simply choose not to exercise it. Nor do I exercise the rest of my wonderful self as often as I probably should. Could! I meant to say, “Could”. Gotta watch those pesky judgmental “shoulds”.

Slowly but slowly, my dietary habits are changing. I don’t bake nearly as often as I used to and if Reiner brings treats home, he is very good at hiding them. More often than not, I manage to follow my rule that states “If you don’t put it in the grocery cart, it can’t make it to cupboard.”

Inspired by the Daily Prompt: What’s the one item in your kitchen you can’t possibly cook without? A spice, your grandma’s measuring cup, instant ramen — what’s your magic ingredient, and why? Photographers, artists, poets: show us KITCHEN.

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