Maggie Wilson Author

Historical Non-Fiction in Northern Ontario

The Reveal

It’s time to come out of hiding from behind Roz’s mask.  Though she may be back when it’s time for me to write about life as an office administrator!  And now I can check off a long overdue zerotohero task, too!

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  1. Gasp! You are OLDER than I am? No! Here I thought I was reining superior. I’ll just shuffle off to my Candy Crush game now… {head down dragging her feet}… oh, wait I’m outta lives. ARGH! :>


    • yeah, well… yeah, I’m older, but not necessarily wiser. This reply brought to you by the leader in Bejeweled Blitz.


      • Oh probably wiser, too and here’s my evidence: I am so focused on CCS that I haven’t touched BB in weeks… nay, even months. And somehow I’m sure that ties into the post I’m working on about “Energy Flows Where Attention Goes. Except I stopped working on it because my energy stopped flowing cuz I got stuck. And then something shiny got my attention — your comment! I’m sure that would never happen to you! ;>


  2. My dear woman! I’ve been stuck for more years than I care to admit. YEARS I tell you! This blogging thing is such a kick, but I can’t help wondering, dear wanderer, how long it will last? Now tell me, what means CCS?


  3. d’uh… just hit me what CCS means… not the brightest pickle in the jar by any stretch, am I?


  4. Love your pics and your site.


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