The Zombies Ate My Brains

Rescuing what might remain of the grey matter.

Watch out! Mercury is retrograde!

mercury retrograde

Your morning funnies: Credit to Mama Taxi

I naively wondered if I might avoid this next crazy episode of Mercury Retrograde.


Woke this morning at 3:35 in the godforsaken A of M.

OK, so in the spirit of “when life gives you lemons, etc.” I fired up the computer.

Email check: check.

Weather check: check-a-do.  (Brrr.  Frosty -22 C today.)

Blog check:  Blog check?  BLOG CHECK?

Nothing. No internet connection. Homework to do, blogs to read and write and no internet connection. First world problems, but my problems all the same.


And so it begins, folks. Welcome to another roller coaster ride of Mercury in retrograde. That wonderful time of mis-communication, irritating setbacks, traffic jams, and computer glitches. Not a great time to start anything new, but a good time to finish up stuff.  And a time when old acquaintances (be forgot… tra la la) will re-surface.

I knew we were due.  Just didn’t know exactly when.  The car battery died Monday. Yesterday, Reiner’s train was a half hour late getting to work.  My online homework is two steps back, one step forward because of security settings or missing Excel add-ins.  Wonky modem and internet service provider gone AWOL.

In the category of “a good time to finish up stuff”, well, I finished two pots of coffee and cleaned up my filing system.  That’ll have to do.


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