The Zombies Ate My Brains

Rescuing what might remain of the grey matter.

I am such a Princess sometimes

I needed this today. Feeling all grumbly and pissed about a few hours lack of sleep and a fritzy modem. This is the antidote.

I first came across Connie Howard’s writing in the current issue of Eighteen Bridges, a Canadian literary magazine.

Sorting it Out

I am such a princess sometimes. Yes, I’ve done more unpaid and underpaid work in my life than any man I know. Yes, much of it has been thankless, even when it’s been physically and mentally and rigorous, emotionally exhausting. Yes, my cancer and treatment has taken much from me and left me altered, unable to recover much of what I’d princessstill hoped to recover even at midlife. Yes, I have permitted others to steal from me, and I have regrets. Yes, midlife for me, as for most of us, is a lake of incompletely lived life and broken dreams. Yes. But.

All of this, I saw close-up yesterday when I met my new student, is nothing in light of what some people face.

“You live close?” she asked, at least I think that’s what she asked. “Yes,” I told her, to which she responded by saying she has no…

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