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Archive for January 22nd, 2014

“A Leadership Primer”

As a student in an Effective Supervision course, I was asked to comment on General Colin Powell’s statements as they relate to the day-to-day “battleground” of the workplace. With the exception of one or two, I believe that the lessons are absolutely pertinent to effective supervision. 1. Being responsible sometimes means pissing people off. We are talking about people here, so it is inevitable that at some point, a decision […]

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Watch out! Mercury is retrograde!

I naively wondered if I might avoid this next crazy episode of Mercury Retrograde. HA! Woke this morning at 3:35 in the godforsaken A of M. OK, so in the spirit of “when life gives you lemons, etc.” I fired up the computer. Email check: check. Weather check: check-a-do.  (Brrr.  Frosty -22 C today.) Blog check:  Blog check?  BLOG CHECK? Nothing. No internet connection. Homework to do, blogs to read […]

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