The Zombies Ate My Brains

Rescuing what might remain of the grey matter.

Dear Reader – or Win-Win-Win

win-win-win-defined-contribution-health-modelI must have reached a tipping point in my activity here on WordPress.  The suggestions posted by Reader seem to be more in line with my reading preferences.  Last night in particular I felt like I had won the trifecta. Three in a row! Bing, bang, boom!

I have got to share these with you.  Not so much because I think they will appeal to you, but because I think the authors deserve recognition. All of the women are engaging and write powerfully and from the heart.

In no particular order, may I present

  • Emily Hauser – thoughtful, kind, and devoted to humanity’s well-being.
  • A woman whose post “How to be a Writer” grabbed me by throat, and that’s a good thing;
  • Jeni is a neighbour, well, sort of.  She lives in Toronto, is a mom, and she cracks me up.  Here’s what started it:

How I buy stuff online:

1) read a handful of reviews,

2) buy stuff,

3) obsessively read 200 more reviews to justify purchase.

Thank you, Reader, for the great night of screen time.  And YOU, dear Readers, I hope you spend some time with these authors.  You will learn something, I guarantee it.


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5 replies

  1. Great idea! I also loved “How to be a Writer.” She’s very funny. Thanks for sharing your finds! :>


  2. Zombies ate your brain Oh my the Professor is alarmed indeed! The professor does like your motto WIN-WIN-WIN! Just a bit hard to do when one is brainless though don’t you think? Oh the professor gets it you must be Punchyish yes?


  3. Hey Melissa – it was your comment on her article that made me think, “This one’s a keeper!” Hope you have a good one!


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