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Archive for January 17th, 2014

You Know You’re a Rockhound When …

You know you’re a rockhound when cries of “Froodite! I’ve got froodite” are heard echoing from the rafters.  And before you step back in alarm, it’s not contagious… it’s the name of a mineral. My husband Reiner and I are mineral collectors.  Reiner has been involved in the hobby since he was a young man, almost 50 years now.  Some collectors try to assemble one of each species from a […]

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So far, so GREAT.  Enjoying the WordPress experience, and I am most happy to report the Zombies and I are seeing each other less frequently.  Notice I did not say “Zombies? What zombies?”

To honour my modest achievement and to acknowledge all of you in WordPressLand… a wee screen capture from my online homework assignment.  [Shakes head] I am still such a sucker for kudos from the teacher. Even the virtual ones.