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Those things women do…

It took considerable restraint to NOT comment on this recent post that declared ALL women do things that are irritating , irrational, and irregular. I composed rebuttals, and then deleted them. Some respondents challenged his assertions. Really? ALL women do that? Don’t you think you should narrow that down to the one woman in your world? Nope, he declared. 100%. He repeated that later in the comments and that’s when it hit me – he is deliberately being proactive! This act of outrageous writing is just a marketing ploy! Rile up the readers… poke and prod and otherwise stir up the emotions. Get them to post and like and share and re-blog. Bravo! Kudos, man, good on ya! You got the response you were hoping for.

Tell me, blogger, does your wife read your work?

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4 replies

  1. Nope not much, but even if she did she has a sense of humor. As for the reblog and share thing… if I wanted that I would have placed it on my host site

    Your observation is a bit off, but thanks for the reblog. -OM


    • Guess this is one of those moments when the humour eludes me.

      Care to elaborate on my observation being off?


      • Your observation that I was seeking attention. I wrote it for fun and posted it, suggesting that my wife would be offended suggests she shares your humor. My experience has been that most women are different in regards to humor. I said you were off because as I already stated, had I wanted views and reblogs I would have shared this on my main blog. Thanks for the response. -OM


  2. Ah. Thanks for the clarification. I do appreciate your blog in particular – your style and “voice” appeal to me. A nerve was touched – and I don’t really “know” you that well…if I had been following you for a longer time, I may have tweaked to the fact that your post was tongue in cheek. MCW


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