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In a fog

winter fog

Photo Credit: Flickr

Isn’t that a lovely image?  Serene, tranquil, free from hazard. Hazards like oncoming traffic and slushy, icy, untreated roads and the giant 18-wheeler bearing down on you!  Or the guy running a stop sign at an intersection because visibility has been reduced to mere centimeters and then *Ka-BOOM* wreckage and carnage … and serenity is out the window.

The polar vortex from earlier in the week is history. Today we are enjoying (I use the term loosely) milder weather.  Above freezing temperatures over snow and ice-covered fields has created a fog blanket over the region. It’s grey, dull: to be expected.  And to be respected!  In my opinion, anyway.  And that means, don’t travel if you don’t need to.

Which is OK, if travel plans don’t affect anyone but yourself.  What if your hubby declares the conditions to be “fine”?  I don’t know whether it’s optimism, denial, stubbornness, or any combination of the above, but I do know that his interpretation of the driving conditions are opposite to mine.  I will admit that my driving anxiety is easily triggered.  For the longest time, I would avoid the 400 series of highways completely.  I managed to overcome that, for the most part.  But darkness, rain, and poor visibility are a lethal combination in my mind.

Look back at the photo for a moment.  See the fence?  It’s a boundary.  As is my anxiety about driving in bad weather.  While my husband continued on without me today, I am writing this post.  I managed to respect my boundary, but why do I feel guilty?


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