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Historical Non-Fiction in Northern Ontario

Mosty Toasty

As my dad used to say, Kee-ristmas it’s cold!   (When I was a kid I did not realize that he was being mildly profane.)  Wind chill warnings across the province announce frigid minus 30 to minus 40 C.  Interestingly, there have been reports of loud bangs in the night. Experts call them “frost quakes“.  After the freezing rain we had before Christmas, the ground was quite saturated.  The deep freeze caused the ice to expand and crack when the pressure reached a threshold.  Neat.  I’d say “cool” but that goes without saying.
I’ve not been straying very far from the woodstove.  Yesterday as I tucked into the first school assignment of the year,  I was bundled in my layers.  I had an afghan on my shoulders and another on my lap and legs.
Then I had to pee.

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