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Take Three

This is my third time up to the blogging plate.  Exactly two years ago as part of New Year’s resolutions, I began a blog. The opening post celebrated the end of Mercury Retrograde.  The next entry went like this:

I have an imaginary friend.  This friend is an inquisitive sort and wants to get to know all of the wherefores and why’s about the minutiae of my life.  For instance, the opening post to this brand new blog is about Mercury Retrograde. Here is a transcript of our “interview”.

IF (Imaginary Friend)  “Really, Maggie?  Astrology?  Don’t you think you might have chosen something a bit pithier, more representative of who you are and how you think?  Set the tone and hook the readers from the get-go.”

ME “Um….”

IF “My point, exactly.”

Yeah, that’s me.  A goof ball, a dabbler, sometimes smart and sometimes stupendously dense.  As I approach 60, though, I need to deal with a couple of issues before the denseness overtakes and lobotomizes me completely. As to why I started this blog, I suppose it is an inter-twining of several strands of events.

Strand One – My Hobbies and My *gulp* Confession

Gardening and mineral collecting keep me active in the non-winter months. Photography keeps me occupied in the off season when I catalog our mineral specimens.  There is still plenty of spare time, though that I tend to … um… waste.  There.  I said it.  I play computer games when I could be doing so many other things that have some nourishing value.  It’s been years – since the 1980’s.  I’d like to make 2012 2014 the year I bid farewell to the zombies.

Yikes.  I just did the math:  2014 – 1985 = 29.


Strand Two – Continuing Education

I am enrolled in the Mining Engineering Technician Program at Northern College.  It is a distance education program and my studies are “part time”.  My favourite classes are those that involve considerable online research and writing.  “Part time” is quoted because I can devote over time to assignments without realizing it.  I enjoy it and look forward to the work.  I want to cultivate that, but for myself, not for a prof or grade.

Strand Three – Out with the old and in with the new.

You are no doubt familiar with the “Year in Review” articles that crop up toward the end of December.   I’d like something similar for my own little world.    I could keep a journal, but I don’t.

For better or worse, I’m more comfortable with a keyboard then I am with a pen and paper.  It hasn’t always been thus.  Handwritten journals are my landing spot for times of recovery.  And perhaps there’s an association with the ouchiness that I want to avoid.  But more likely, I’ve been sitting at a computer terminal since my clerical days at Bell Canada, lo these 40 (OMG!) years.  I’m used to it.  And I enjoy it.

So, let’s recap, shall we?

Public Declaration: check!
Writing is right. Check, check!
A blog in the birthing.  Check, check, check-ity-check!

Welcome to my world.

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