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Historical Non-Fiction in Northern Ontario

The Best Laid Plans

In my several online posts regarding the trip to Lake Superior, I hesitated to write “Batchawana or Bust” for fear of invoking Murphy and his Law.  Turns out my efforts were in vain.  The trip has been cancelled.

While he made one final inbox check, hubby caught the email from his boss requesting a meet this coming week. While that certainly qualifies as the glitchiest, it wasn’t the only setback. Any number of emails that were sent to and from our friends and the motel where we had made reservations were lost in cyberspace.  I am almost fanatical about “paper trails” but not this time.

Mercury has been retrograde these past several weeks.  Maybe I can pin all of these silly foobars on that?  In any case, we decided in true “sour grapes” fashion that the water levels were not all that low anyway.  Better luck next time.

Categories: Mineral Collecting

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