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Mamainse Bound

This week’s focus is gearing up for the trip to Mamainse on Lake Superior.  Among the usual items one would expect in a mineral collector’s kit, such as hammer, chisel, gloves, and the like, we outfit ourselves with some stuff that you might want to consider for your next tromp to the mine dumps.

Kitty litter buckets are perfect for several reasons.  The square shape allows for efficient use of storage space.  They are sturdy, having been designed to carry heavy loads.  And they come in an assortment of bright colors.  His and hers, mix and match.  Which is important for the fashion conscious among us.  Neon green is the perfect accent for engineer overalls and floppy brim hats, doncha know.

High Fashion on the Rock Dumps

Newspaper.  You need to wrap and cushion the specimens for transport.  Cardboard eggs cartons are great for storing the smaller specimens.  The molded pulp form is preferable to the plastic or polystyrene foam variety as the pieces do not bounce around in the paper cups as they do in the plastic, even if wrapped in tissue.

Which brings me to the next item on the list – TP.  Not just for the call of nature.  Toilet paper, or some similar soft paper is a must to wrap the more delicate specimens.

Apart from the tissue paper, all of these items are available for free from your neighbourhood recycling bins. I have been known to take the occasional pre-trash collection stroll to snag a bucket or carton or three. Newspapers we have enough what with the weekly flyer delivery.

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