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Lake Superior Road Trip

Word has it that the Lake Superior water levels are low… that means only one thing: ROAD TRIP!  We are off to Mamainse in August to revisist the shoreline with our metal detectors.  And litter buckets, of course. 
 My first trip to Mamainse was August 2008.  This was a trip of firsts – first time that far north, my first time collecting with a metal detector, and my first black-fly bite.  Pretty much in that order.  The first first, however, was a side trip to pose for a cheesy tourist shot with the Big Nickel in Sudbury.

Interesting thing about the Big Nickel.  There used to be a Big Penny, too, until the powers that be recognized that there was a whole lot of copper tied up in the monument out front.  Off to the smelter!

The Big Nickel, Inco stacks, and the Big Penny

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