The Zombies Ate My Brains

Rescuing what might remain of the grey matter.

May you be Safe

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It’s hardly surprising that Iris is showing up more frequently these days. After all, ’tis the season. Several bloggers are posting wonderful images, or sharing that Iris as one of their favourite flowers.  The other night, Reiner and I took in a walk along the Grindstone Trail at the Royal Botanical Gardens. The “flags” were not yet in bloom. Pity. I love the native species most of all. Some are quite fragrant […]

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You said it would be fun. Where’s the fun?

Kate, Maggie, Chris

Recently, Colette and I have become blogging acquaintances and have shared two or three rounds of commenting back and forth. She had read my piece Tune Out and invited me to read hers, The Bad News Won’t Stop Coming, so Then What? Both posts deal with media, the policy “if it bleeds, it leads” and how to protect ourselves from the bombardment. In her post, she wrote From here on out, it’s going to be […]

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Show’s Over

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The badge says it all. Well, literally, it doesn’t say it all. I also had my brows waxed and my hair trimmed. I even wore eyeliner and lipstick, because, you know, first impressions and all that jazz. Regarding that job interview: suffice to say I now have an understanding of how employment agencies work. Or don’t, as the case may be. It turns out that I applied for a job […]

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A Trashy Story

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  Tuesday is garbage day. Every alternate Tuesday, the county collects the recycling, too. I checked the calendar last night – yup, blue box day tomorrow. Should I put it out tonight, I wondered,or leave it for the morning? You know, the gut-wrenching dilemma of weighing the pros and cons of getting out of my chair to haul the trash to the curb, vs. the “yeah, buts.” Yeah, but it […]

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It’s Show Time


When I was a member of the London Community Players, the local amateur theatre troupe, I enjoyed most aspects of mounting a play. Everything but the run. After all of the energy spent interpreting script, painting scenery, assembling props, I was ready to close a show after opening night. Like a drive with mom and dad, I was all “are we there yet, are we there yet, are we there […]

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Acting My Age, With Love and Gratitude


Yesterday, my post was loosely constructed around the saying “everything happens for a reason.” I closed with “What is the reason for this frustrating medical situation?” I have my answer. A lot sooner, and not at all the answer I expected. I received an email from a friend. He shared his very recent and very similar experience. He also shared what he learned from his medical professionals. Blood pressure varies quite […]

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Is There a Doctor in the House?

Blood Pressure Control 160

You, of course, have heard the saying “everything happens for a reason.” I’ve got a story that illustrates this truism. I was sick most of April. Had a nasty flu bug that set me on my butt, hard. This was the second illness in less than four months. That alarmed me. If it was flu, then shouldn’t I have acquired a resistance from the December event? It seems the bug had […]

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