The Zombies Ate My Brains

Rescuing what might remain of the grey matter.

The New Brant WI – Second Meeting

Paris WI 1905 Picnic at Grand Valley Park with St George and Moyle & Tranquility WI members

The fifty women who met at the Arlington Hotel Thursday had a mandate: pick a name and plan the yearly program. Like all women on a mission they got down to business immediately. After the social part of the program, of course! Earlier on Facebook, the members suggested ten names for the new Women’s Institute. Chris Quinlan organized the “dotmography” voting system. Chris gave each woman ten sticky dots. The nominated […]

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A Froggy Day


The weather forecast for today was dire. Extremely dense fog with zero visibility. We had plans to take in Frogs: A Chorus of Colours at the Royal Botanical Gardens, some distance from home. I was conflicted. Do I keep the news to myself and hope for the best? Or do I tell Reiner about the weather warnings and brace myself for the argument about driving in the fog? I opted to […]

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Desktop Cleanup


Housekeeping time. You know  now it gets… dust bunnies and coffee stains start to pile up. So do the images on my computer monitor. Can’t ignore ‘em any longer, so time to clean the desktop. Here are the images that I deleted today. They create a diary of sorts. This cross stitch pattern caught my attention on Facebook. I wanted to use it as content for the Women’s Institute site. […]

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Avon Calling

Click for Source: Etsy

Mom didn’t wear much makeup. She powdered her nose and applied lipstick twice a day. She may have plucked her eyebrows, though I don’t recall her wielding the tweezers. A dried up compact of mascara sat unused in the bathroom medicine cabinet. When I consider why she didn’t use more makeup, the answer is twofold. Mom  had reasonably good looks and great hair colour genes. When she died in her early […]

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A New Use for Mineral Tack


Mineral Tack is like stick tack. For all I know, it might be EXACTLY like the stick tack I remember from grade school. I was mesmerized by the way the teacher carefully tore off a pea-sized wad and placed it on the reverse of an illustration before she mounted it to the blackboard. Mineral tack is used to secure a specimen to its mount, usually a clear acrylic specimen box. I won’t bore you […]

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My ego wanted to read some of my blog the other day. This line on my Applause, Applause  page got my attention: I will continue my practice of referring to your work in my posts as they inspire me. You do inspire me, in more ways than I can possibly express. I haven’t done that lately. Today, I will make amends. There are two bloggers that you might enjoy if you do […]

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The New Brant Women’s Institute

Margaret Mead

A week ago, Kate Belair and I had our Women’s Institute Information Open House at the Arlington Hotel. It was a huge success with much excitement and delighted feedback. Especially from the women at the provincial head office who came to offer support. Kate and I met with them for dinner ahead of the meeting. “How are you doing?” I asked Kate. “Nervous,” she said. “What if no one comes?” I […]

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