The Zombies Ate My Brains

Rescuing what might remain of the grey matter.



The weatherman is calling for freezing rain today. My least favourite form of winter weather. Good thing I’ve got nowhere to be and the pantry is stocked. Sure, the ice coating trees and structures can look pretty and all, especially when the sun glints off the glass-like surfaces. But that hardly compensates for the widespread damage ice storms cause. Traveling is out of the question, or should be, in my […]

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Java Jive


I have been a coffee drinker since… well, since I was old enough to drink coffee, I guess. So, we’re talking decades. I remember my first Tim Horton’s coffee. Up until that moment, I drank instant, or the bitter brew served up in the cafeteria at work. But one Saturday, the boss brought us donuts and coffee from the newly opened chain down the street. That was it. I was […]

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The Cats Move to Cobalt

Black Cat and Oscar - their bodies are actually touching as they nap on the sofa.

For the first several months after we arrived at Cobalt, every day we’d find another reason that confirmed our decision to retire here. Apart from the fact that we can step out the front door and immediately start mineral hunting, in no particular order are some of the advantages: new flora! (Orchids? Really?) new fauna! (We have a resident fox and oh, mind the bear poop, over there) a view! (I […]

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Cobalt: the Colour, the Mineral, and the Town


This post is in response to questions from my readers. [“…my readers.” What? All of a sudden I’m Ann Landers? Sheesh.] Any way… Barb Pyett asked, “Is cobalt a mineral as well as a colour and a town?” Short answer: Yes. Longer answer? This blog post! And while we’re at it, I’ll answer Deb over at I am, Therefore I Write. She asked me to post a map of where Cobalt […]

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I asked him to take a picture of the red house. I should have been more specific and asked him to zoom in on the building.

After missing several “Kodak moments” while out on our walks, we made a rule that we’d take the camera with us every time we head out. (We are cheapskate old farts and do not have fancy-schmancy i-phones.) Now that it’s winter and the leaves are off the trees, we get to see what was hidden behind the foliage. Like the red house, in the distance. What? You can’t see it? […]

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Silver Highlights – My Retirement Account

Old abandoned  cabins next to our house. I love 'em, they are so rustic and iconic of the area.

When I tell the story of how Reiner and I found ourselves retired and living in Cobalt Ontario, I usually start by listing the several factors that affected our decision. Among them: He was laid off from his geologist job the first of November, 2015. All of his job applications were un-answered. A good news/bad news scenario because he was enjoying his time off work. But still, we had bills […]

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With all Due Consideration


Like many of you, I started blogging in early January – New Year’s Resolutions, you know. Therefore, also like many of you, I recently received a notice from WordPress that I could expect a charge for renewing my blog theme. Like some of you, I’ve been away from blogging. Life, you know. But just over a year later, circumstances have changed. I’ve got time on my hands. Long, winter-y, retirement-y […]

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