The Zombies Ate My Brains

Rescuing what might remain of the grey matter.

PSA: I’ve Got Good News

Intermittent Static and Noise

We interrupt this program for a Public Service Announcement. I’ve got good news. And I’ve got bad news. The good news is that I have paying work. I will be helping out at the Homestead. That is also the bad news. I simply do not have the time to devote to the style of blogging that I practice here on T-ZAMB. The party is over. It has been for weeks, […]

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There’s a Fungus Among Us II

Coprinus comatus aka Shaggy Mane

A Facebook friend sent out the alert: puff balls spotted on the rail trail! Last night, Reiner and I hiked the trail toward a likely spot. As luck would have it, when we were about a kilometer away, a fellow parked his bike, ambled into the woods, and just as we approached, he emerged carrying a sack of the giant mushrooms. Dang! So close! Today we decided to check the woods […]

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I Still Got Nothing


Speaking of Labour Day* and the proper alignment of stars: At precisely 17:30 hours EDT, Reiner finished the wallpapering. While he was at the sink, soaking the last scrap required to finish the job, I snapped this image. You see that tiny pile of scraps? That is all that remains of the materials required to do this job. In other words, we have nothing left over. Some might say that he […]

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The Properties of Silver Nitrate

prank soap

Let me tell you about my day yesterday. It was full of “P” and a bit of vinegar. Reiner took the day off to recover from a 24-hour bug. Of course, being sick didn’t stop him from poking around the house and getting himself into mischief. First order of business: transfer silver nitrate into a tinted glass jar. Apparently the stuff deteriorates in light and needs proper storage. AgNO3 is a […]

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Broccoli or Bust

Daily harvest of Sweet Gold

In the spring, I declared that this would be the last year to plant broccoli. For several summers running, the harvests have been middling at best. If it weren’t for the fact that I’ve grown ginormous heads of the stuff in other gardens, I might think that the poor performance in this yard is all mine. This year I grew plants from seed. I also tended to the volunteers that cropped up on their own. No luck. The […]

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Through Thick or Thin(ner): The Forecast


I subscribe to weekly astrology forecasts by Georgia Nicols. She has a quirky approach to the zodiac that appeals and entertains.  I am happy to read that she confirms my plans to improve my health.  That’s the good news. The bad news is that weight gain is in the forecast, too. Though, honestly, that’s a no-brainer given the number of ice cream cones that have passed my lips these last several weeks. Here […]

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Through Thick or Thin(ner): Dedication

Click for additional bullets about the benefits of walking

I think we would all agree that “dedication” ranks high on the list of goals when one sets out on a health improvement quest. I am getting to know this word because being dedicated to a new health routine lies just beyond my grasp. Last week I despaired the setbacks and missteps. You guys were awesome with your support and I learned from you. One week later, not much has changed […]

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