The Zombies Ate My Brains

Rescuing what might remain of the grey matter.

It’s Time for the Daily Ritual!

Paris 1847

That’s right, folks, time to clean up my desktop. Digitally as well as physically. Dust bunnies and coffee stains need to go! I’ll take care of the physical part after I share the photos destined for the recycle bin. Since I’ve been involved with the Federation of Women’s Institutes of Canada, a great deal of my online time includes looking at food, crafts, women’s issues, and the history of Canada. I’m learning a […]

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With my People


It’s Monday. The Monday after a very long and tiring, but satisfying weekend at the London Gem and Mineral Show. Below is my off-the-cuff, more or less mineral-less mineral show report. For some reason, people took note of the pseudomalachite specimen that we had for sale. It was one small specimen among the couple hundred on the table. On Saturday, within a twenty-minute span, three separate shoppers remarked, “Why Pseudo?” These […]

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Viva Cicada

Originally posted on Unreqwrited:
No birds no bees No flowers no trees No wonder November  -Benny Hill Tibicen canicularis It’s unmistakably November. It snowed enough today that it couldn’t be ignored. I am longing for a nice warm summer day. Even if it means bugs. I conjur up the next best thing – a photo to kindle the feeling.  No, it’s not a quintessential beach. It’s a bug, a BIG bug,…

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Originally posted on Oh for the love of…me:
Karen at Mended Musings wrote a beautiful and brave post yesterday that I was honored to reblog at her request.  As part of that reblog, I promised to write my own story of sexual abuse in a effort to shine even more light into the dark places that many, many MANY of us have and uncover those secrets that keep us sick and…

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A Bargain’s Not a Bargain

Originally posted on A Holistic Journey:
I’m very good at saving money. When it comes to parting with it I can be “cheaper than thou.” There are times, though, when I realize that my penny-pinching becomes miserly. Like the chicken or the egg problem, I’m not sure which came first: my frugal nature or the abhorrence for shopping. Either way, I can tell you the exact moment I first learned to…

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Ugly Puss

Mr Black Cat

We’ve had a couple of feral tom cats hanging around our yard for the last three years. Between neighbour South’s and our household, the cat population totals six. A container of cat food sits next to the back door in case anyone should wander by. By “in case anyone should wander by” I mean morning, noon, and night, all six cats enjoy meals at our place. Jimmy D was first […]

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