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“Preventing” Poverty NOT a Valid Goal.

by Stacy Parker

So says our federal government to OXFAM. They quibble. You can only limit poverty, you can’t prevent it. Charitable status denied. Next! [Well, charitable status threatened. I wrote "denied" for effect] 52 groups currently undergoing audits The contretemps is yet more evidence of frosty relations between the Harper government and some charities, several dozen of which have been targeted since 2012 for audits of their “political activities.   The Canada Revenue […]

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I’ll Have What She’s Having

An Ad for Monsoon Tea from the Daily Mail and Empire  
May 31, 1895

“That husband of mine says that a cup of real Monsoon Tea refreshes him more than a glass of the best wine. It has a flavour and a pungency that after a day’s worry and thinking braces him up and makes a fresh man of him. “I find that is has the same effect on me.”   Huh. I think I’ll have what she’s having.

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[M.M.X.I.V. 206] Beep beep boop

beep beep boop 2

Originally posted on Never A Worry:
Zooming in to the reason for the post. ? The full screen as seen from my screen. When I first joined WordPress, there was one interface for creating posts.  It had a lot of buttons on the top, and I found it very user-friendly.  One particular part that I like about it is the ease of inserting media and links from it, because the…

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Dressing Down

Dressing down

Mom was handy with the sewing machine. She made a lot of our clothing or altered the neighbour’s hand-me-downs. She was forever lamenting how quickly we grew. Either she purchased, sewed, or mended our clothing and that meant additional expense, time, and effort to keep us outfitted. She was a “frequent flyer” at the nearby textile shop. Even though she browsed the bolts of fabric displayed on the “new this […]

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WEMon: The Weird Ways We Say, “I Love You”


Inspired by Writing Essential Group and the July 21st challenge Today’s challenge: write about the weird ways we say, “I love you”. Write about the guy who gives his wife snow tires for her birthday. Write about the mother who loves just a little too much. Write about the perfect, “I love you” that came just a little too late.   I haven’t written a lot about two of the men in my stable of […]

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One Word Photo Challenge: Aqua

Rosasite 978_001

    Rosasite from the Ojuela Mine, Mexico 3.0 x 2.2 x 2.0 cm Rosasite is a secondary mineral found in the oxidation zone of copper-zinc deposits. Crystals are acicular, that is, needle-like. They form dense, compact layers on matrix or as nodules as shown here. Great care must be taken when handling the mineral. Suppress the urge to caress the velvety masses, otherwise, you are stuck with a thumbprint on your specimen.  *** […]

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Share Your World – 2014 Week 29

amethyst raspberry_002

Have you ever been in a submarine?  Nope. If you haven’t, would you want to? Nope again. Just last week my friend told me about her tour of a submarine stationed near her home. She described the times when the sailors were in enemy waters and needed to retreat to their bunks and remain absolutely silent. For hours. The submarine was “turned off”, including air circulation. The sonar of another ship can […]

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